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The world of work is changing. Rigid workforce structures are being replaced with more flexible arrangements, better reflecting the needs of employers and individuals. Technology is substituting some tasks, changing the nature of many jobs, while creating others. Shifting skills requirements and demographics are causing talent scarcity. OpenWorks is embracing change, and transforming the future work for everyone as the coronavirus pandemic, reshaped the workplace, the workforce, and work itself.

OpenWorks is a next-generation workforce management platform and OnDemand Staffing Marketplace connects people, processes, and systems to transform the way businesses staff, whether the workforce is permanent, temporary, or simply there for a shift or two. We’re giving businesses the tools they need to build relationships with the workers that are vital to their everyday operations.

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Directly Connecting People and Work transforming legacy agency model into a fully digital experience, automating worker onboarding, job posting, matching, and back-office admin. Candidates go through complete background checks including right to work, and police and reference checks before they're allowed on the platform. OpenWorks directly connects employees with open shifts, cutting out agency middlemen so shifts can be filled in real-time faster than any other solution improving the continuity of business across the country.

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For many professionals, online hiring platforms are re-shaping the nature of work and significantly transforming how employers source and hire skilled workers. In the growing gig economy, more and more organizations from retail and hospitality to technology firms and creative agencies are outsourcing their functional tasks and assembling virtual and temporary staff and teams to meet the demands of an unpredictable and highly dynamic work schedule on an as-needed basis.

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We have a number of proven employment support programmes designed to help people transition into careers. Our coaching arm supports people from all backgrounds into meaningful work. We have fully qualified and expert coaches who have years of experience in training, supporting and mentoring people from a range of backgrounds. We work alongside many organisations supporting with resettlement, so get in touch for more information.

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