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Staff management is very outdated in health and social care as compared to other industries. OpenShift enables self-rostering for flexible working for health and social care staff to work flexibly like the rest of the industry. OpenShift enables health and social care employers to offer flexible working options OpenShift makes it easier to retain employees and as flexible working has accelerated post-pandemic due to burnout. OpenShift improves work-life balance making Health and Social care sector to more applicants, and reducing turnover and vacancies.

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Accelerating innovation driven by cutting edge digital engineering. Enabling organizations to focus all of their time on building amazing products and zero time learning low-level banking protocols that aren’t a differentiator. By leveraging technology, we remove the barriers for businesses that want to offer their own workforce management solutions. Opportunity Marketplace was built from scratch to build digital Staffing and Workforce Solutions products that were unimaginable before.

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Opportunity Marketplace Open API enable business to connect to customers and clients in more ways than ever before. Gone are the days of rigid, inflexible integration points that do nothing or at least very little to add to the bottom line. Open API Platform was designed with a singular purpose: Allow business to take the confusion and headache out of staffing, and replace it with value adds that extend the company's reach.

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