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Progressive Resources realize companies current and future competitiveness is dependent on attracting, recruiting and retaining the right talent. Winning talent share requires focused talent strategies to deliver measurable and sustainable results. Today's fastest growing and most successful companies recognize the value of incorporating managed services programs (MSP) as an integral, permanent component of their overall talent development strategies.

We offer a wide range of health and social care recruitment services

More and more businesses are turning to temporary workers to gain better access to quality talent and realise the many strategic benefits. If you are too, we can help manage your costs, mitigate your risks and use technology to get the most out of your flexible workforce! We are a team of highly experienced recruitment advisors, helping organisations enhance their human capital management and sourcing strategies through the optimised use of and access to independent contractors, consultants, freelancers and other non-permanent workers.

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ProgressiveRes provides the expertise, the technology and processes to help you reduce your workforce costs, mitigate against misclassification and co-employment risks, and optimize your Temporary workforce program. We are completely technology and staffing vendor neutral when it comes to advising on, and managing contingent workforce programs. This allows us the freedom to share real industry insights, negotiate on your behalf, impose fair vendor markups and reduce vendor favouritism for all your temporary resources. In addition, ProgressiveRes provides hiring and payment solutions for your directly self-sourced candidates as well as your independent contractors.

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We understand how important it is and how hard it can be finding and securing the next step in your career so we aim to make the whole process of finding your new dream job as efficient and easy as possible. If you are a qualified healthcare professional who is looking for that next position whether Temp, Perm or Homecare. We can assist you in finding that perfect job.

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Is your ship sailing in the right direction? We understand how important it is and how hard it can be when finding and securing your next position. We aim to make the whole process of finding your new dream job as efficient and easy as possible. Our Job Search function can help, but if you want to know more or want a little extra help, talk to one of our specialist consultants now.