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Health & Social Care

Staffing as a Service Platform


Health and Social Care People and Work


We’re filling open shifts in real-time and improving the continuity of patient care across the country. OpenCare technology and workforce management platform  gives work flexibility to healthcare professionals and the power to choose when, where, and how often they work. We operate at the intersection of healthcare and innovation investing in improving healthcare quality, accessibility, affordability.

OpenCare is a cutting edge, technology platform that is simplifying healthcare staffing. We are building a marketplace that enables clinicians and the institutions that hire them to find each other and transact directly, without a broker. OpenCare cuts out mountains of paperwork, faxes, and phone calls, and moves everything online. It makes staffing faster, more transparent, and substantially less expensive Objective of OpenCare is to connect health care professional to rewarding opportunities and address the healthcare staffing shortage. OpenCare eliminates the chaotic and inelegant healthcare staffing system of yesterday and replaces it with a simple, modern platform that just works.


OnDemand Flexible Shifts


OpenCare Platform attempted to solve the bottleneck that occurs when employers need to fill available shifts. OpenCare matched Shift-Work with nearby workers who would receive a notification, then accept the shift-work, and go to work. OpenCare offered a unique solution that benefited employers and workers. OpenCare Platform workers could find on-demand hyperlocal shift work. OpenCare end-to-end digital process from onboarding to payments, helps employers take on employees easily. These conveniences reduce time to hire and separate OpenCare from other staffing agencies that typically have complicated onboarding processes..


AI, Automation and Innovation


OpenCare Platform applies AI-enabled automation to the most time consuming recruiting tasks, allowing hiring managers to spend more time guiding and building relationships with candidates. OpenCare innovation leverages the best of AI to help source and activate top quality prospects. While our R&D roadmap continuously adds depth to the functionality across the product lifecycle allowing us to be more productive, efficient, and drive better outcomes. OpenCare leverage AI assessments to help business build diverse teams of top performers, by mitigating inherent human biases, identify quality candidates, hire equitably, reduce turnover rate, and enhance overall talent performance.

Health and Social Care

Staffing Challenge


We know how difficult it is because we've been there and we know how many incredible social care professionals work crazy hours for low pay. On average, health and social care sector companies take 82 days to fill in a vacancy, and around 15% of new hires quit their jobs within their first six months. Healthcare has been one of the hardest hit and uniquely challenged sectors over the past year, facing a pandemic-induced healthcare crisis that pushed the NHS to the edge, and which has begun to take a heavy toll on the healthcare workforce. Health and social care facilities face logistical difficulties in the people management process are often the largest obstacles to staffing fulfilment. Operations teams face challenges of; (a) Poor communication (b) High cost of outsourced recruitment: Using third-party agencies to recruit for open roles or just-in-time needs is extremely costly and delays shift fulfilment. (c) Inefficient, disjointed tools: Using spreadsheets to record how many people are needed where and when across hundreds of clinics easily leads to mistakes in planning (d) Wasted budget and excess overtime costs: Inaccurate time and attendance tracking results in reduced support for resources on the ground and unnecessary costs.