Our Business

Our Business

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From our diverse portfolio, we invest in metals and minerals that help the world to grow. Our metals are transformed into end-products that contribute to higher living standards and economic development. We are present at every point in the development cycle, from the iron ore that builds the fundamental infrastructure of our cities, to the copper and borates in the smartphones that keep us connected. Construction, communication, recreation, transport, healthcare and renewable energy: all these industries, and many more, rely on the supply of metals and minerals we produce.

We bring wealth held in the Earth’s mineral resources, generating value for our shareholders in the process, in line with our strategy. Our vision is to be a company that is admired and respected for delivering superior value, as the industry’s most trusted partner. Our operations give us the opportunity to create mutual benefit with the communities, region and countries in which we work, and our metals and minerals are transformed into end products that contribute to higher living standards.

We are always looking for new answers to the complex global and local challenges we face, which include resource scarcity, climate change, community employment and regional economic development. We see these challenges as opportunities to advance our reputation and create value for our business, our shareholders and the people we are proud to work alongside. To achieve our sustainable development goals, we work hand-in-hand with our partners and communities on the ground, where it matters most. Underpinning everything we do are our values: respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability. They are fundamental to the way we operate and engage with those around us, and form the foundation of a long-term, reliable business that generates sustainable returns for shareholders.

Reclaiming Metals

Aluminum Recycling

We reclaim earth’s natural resources and deliver new raw material to industries all over the world. Where other people see waste, we see opportunity. We make a difference through sustainable business and increase value for everyone. Metals are 100 percent recyclable. Around 22 million tons of copper is used worldwide every year and over 30 % of is recycled. Of all the copper that has been extracted so far an estimate of up to 80 % is still being used. Mankind has been utilizing metals for more than 10 000 years. Recycling metal reduces the amount of landfill, spares the natural resources and allows the ore reserves to last further into the future. Energy is also being saved as theoredoesn’t have to be processed into metal. Almost any metal object can be melted and re-used without changing the chemical or technical properties of the substance. Also, alloys (e.g. copper in brass) can be separated and used again. In other words, metal, can basically be recycled in every stage of a product’s life cycle. Recycled metal is classified according its purity. Metals of the very purest quality are used for the most demanding purposes – e.g. the electronics industry typically prefers copper.
Systematic recycling has an increasingly important role to play in the quest to make the world’s ore resources last as long as possible. The success of metal recycling depends on how effectively the scrap metal is collected, and economicfactors. Purity and stable quality will definitely remain on the list of things that people are willing to pay for!


Cast Alloy Manufacturing

We manufacture wide range of Aluminium Alloys like ADC12, AC4B, AS-9, LM- 6, and LM-24 etc for gravity and pressure die casting applications meeting AA, BS, LM, DIN, JIS and other standards. Our cast alloys are used in making critical automotive components like cylinder heads, manifolds, Pump housings and casting, Engine mounting brackets, alternator castings applications etc for leading domestic and International automotive OEMS ,Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive component manufacturers. Aluminium Ingot for electrical, utensil, consumer durables & various others industries. We specializes in making customized alloys to exactly suit individual customer requirements. Specifications of every alloy used by every customer are maintained in a comprehensive database to ensure that customer requirements are always fulfilled. Aluminium scrap and Virgin Ingots are the major raw materials for manufacturing of Alloy Ingots. This along with efficient manufacturing practices, use of state-of-the-art equipment’s with uncompromising quality assurance for instant and accurate chemical analysis and close attention to ingot cleanliness ensures total quality control right till the ingots are packed and delivered.

Energy Challange

Un Sustainability of Current Energy

Today, there is a widely-shared strong conclusion that the current overwhelmingly fossil-fuel-heavy global energy paradigm is unstainable.

The Main Reasons Are:

  • the rapidly rising cost of extraction of fossil fuel energy from less and less conventional regions and sources.
  • the growing imbalance between the very rapidly expanding demand and the very slowly growing, even stagnating or dwindling supply of fossil energy.
  • climate Change and the grave and unsustainable impact of the current fossil fuel-fuel-heavy energy paradigm on the environment, on water resources, on land and other resources, especially in desert regions, of the current fossil- fuel -heavy energy paradigm.

These trends underline the imperative and the urgency of migrating to a more sustainable global energy paradigm, and of establishing a solid long-term strategy for energy and sustainable development within a framework of a global partnership for peace, progress and prosperity.