Our Investment Advisory Service is designed for those who want to manage their own money but would like help from a professional investment adviser. Your adviser will recommend an investment portfolio to suit your needs and provide support on all your investment decisions.

A portfolio to meet your needs

Your investment adviser will work with you to find out about your investment objectives, time horizon, attitude to risk and knowledge of investing. They will also ask you about your overall finances and tax situation. They will use this information to begin building your bespoke investment portfolio.
Your portfolio will be tailored to you personally and underpinned by the expertise of our research department.
Your adviser will first identify an asset model that matches your investment objectives and attitude to risk. The models are designed by our research department and reviewed by our Asset Allocation Committee every three months.
This asset model will be the basis for your portfolio – along with your other requirements such as a regular income. Your portfolio will usually consist of around 25 funds chosen from our research department’s approved list.

Your investment adviser will provide ongoing support on all your investment decisions. They will contact you whenever there is something relevant to your investments, for example if our view on a fund you hold changes or there are new opportunities to switch your investments. They will also be available to talk to you about recent events or the economy. This gives you the peace of mind that your portfolio will always suit your needs and reflect our best investment ideas.